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Ambassador Purnell's Statement to Uzbek TV Channels 1 and 2 (08/06/2004)

2004 Press Releases

Ambassador Purnell's Statement to Uzbek TV Channels 1 and 2


Last Friday afternoon, terrorists, who mistakenly think that violence will help their cause, carried out attacks by suicide bombers against various targets, including the U.S. Embassy.

Sadly, innocent people were killed and injured by these despicable attacks.

The United States deplores this and all acts of terrorist violence.

I want the people of Uzbekistan to know that all Americans share your sense of loss and sorrow.

Two brave Uzbek policemen were killed at the U.S. Embassy as they helped to protect those who work here. Their actions helped protect the lives of other Uzbek citizens, including two young Uzbek women who were at the location of the attack.

We mourn the loss of these two policemen, and I have met personally with their families in order to express the condolences of our Embassy and the United States Government.

We, the American and Uzbek people, can pay no greater tribute to their memory, and the memory of all the victims of terrorist violence, than to work with good people around the globe to build a world of peace, prosperity, and freedom where terrorism cannot thrive.

No cowardly attacks will divert us from our efforts to work together to eradicate the scourge of terrorism. Our unified efforts will prevent this very small group of criminals from attaining their goals.