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U.S. Embassy Press Release (08/02/2004)

2004 Press Releases

U.S. Embassy Press Release


On July 30 at approximately 16:45 local time, a man walked up to the main public entrance of the U.S. Embassy in Tashkent. At that point, he was approached by two local Uzbek police officers assigned to guard the Embassy. Before the police officers could question the man, he detonated an explosive device. The two Uzbek police officers suffered serious injuries. The bomber was killed by the blast.

No U.S. Embassy American or local personnel were injured. The U.S. Embassy suffered minor damage to the perimeter wall.

Similar bombings occurred at approximately the same time at the Israeli Embassy and the Uzbek Prosecutor General’s office.

Uzbek officials are currently investigating the bombing. At this time, we do not have details about the identity of the bomber or the type of bomb.

The U.S. Embassy has taken appropriate security measures and plans to observe normal operating hours on Monday