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United States Presents Radiation Detection and Other Equipment to the Agencies of the Government of Uzbekistan (02/15/2005)

2005 Press Releases

United States Presents Radiation Detection and Other Equipment to the Agencies of the Government of Uzbekistan


On February 15, on R. Purnell, U.S. Ambassador to Uzbekistan, presented a total of $749,539.00 worth of equipment to the Uzbek State Customs Committee, Committee for State Border Protection, Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Also participating in the hand over ceremony were officials from the governments of Uzbekistan and the United States.

The equipment: 252 Radiation Pagers, 20 Ludlum Geiger Counters, 8 Product Acoustic Signature Systems, 20 Density Meters, 18 Metor Metal Detectors, 60 Metor hand-held metal detectors, and 34 Night Vision Binoculars will significantly enhance the ability of the agency’s personnel to perform their assigned missions.  The equipment was presented under the State Department-funded Export Control and Related Border Security Assistance (EXBS) program. 

The EXBS Program, administered by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency, is designed to help halt the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, their delivery systems, related technologies, and other weapons.  The program in Uzbekistan comprises a wide range of nonproliferation export control assistance, from licensing and legal/regulatory technical workshops, to provision of equipment, and training for border control and enforcement agencies.  Equipment being provided under this program includes communications equipment, surveillance and detection equipment, protective and medical equipment, vehicles, and vessels.

Since its inception in April 2000, the EXBS program has donated over $12,000,000 in equipment and training to the Government of Uzbekistan.  In July 2003, the EXBS program presented a total of 146 UAZ vehicles to the Uzbek Committee for State Border Protection and Uzbek Customs Committee valued at over $800,000.  In August 2003, the program presented 3,776 Motorola radios, 708 antennas, and other communications equipment valued at over $1,800,000 to the Committee for State Border Protection and Uzbek Customs Committee.  In September 2003, EXBS presented over $217,000 worth of instructional equipment for the new Customs Institute in Tashkent. In February 2004, EXBS presented Vehicles, computers, generators, and other equipment valued at $1,100,000. In January 2005, EXBS presented two 20-meter new Gyurza patrol boats valued at $5,800,00 to the Committee for State Border Control.

In the comings months, EXBS equipment donations will include a cargo x-ray for the Tashkent International Airport, new engines, and tires for BTR-80 Patrol vehicles valued at over $1,700,000.  Other major equipment donations scheduled for delivery next year include two helicopter simulators valued at $6,500,000.